Helping Defence to understand the training requirements for their new way of defining Capabilities.

The Customer’s Challenge

In 2017 and 12 months after introduction of the new Defence Capability Life Cycle (CLC), LSAnalysis was sub-contracted by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), formerly Booz&Company, to conduct a performance needs analysis of all stages of the CLC process.

The scope included from the early conceptual and force design elements, through the acquisition phase, the sustainment of the capability, all the way to divestment and disposal of the capability once it had finished it’s life in-service with the ADF.


LSAnalysis were engaged on a fixed price project to perform the analysis, which was conducted over the period of 12 months.

Insights into performance of CLC tasks were primarily gathered through interviews with about 60 very senior (mainly Senior Executive Service (SES) and star-rank) Defence executives with key CLC-related roles (such as Sea, Land and Air Development).

The demands of CLC jobs were compared with typical characteristics of personnel assigned to these roles and the gaps analysed.

Finally, strategies for resolving these gaps were recommended to Defence for their implementation.


The analysis products were subsequently used to revise induction programs conducted early each year for CLC-related jobs.

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